Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Tie" Dying Easter Eggs

Okay so I recieved an email with some ideas for Dying Easter Eggs and I loved this idea so much I ran out to Goodwill and grabbed all the silk ties I could find, came home and prepared everything to Dye the Eggs. I decided to blow out the eggs so I can keep the eggs for years to come. Anyways this is how they turned out. Here is the link.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter on the Way!

So we got Brooklyn this bunny that sings, this was a bad idea, she wont stop pushing the button over and over and over again! The batteries are now worn out!

Some Misc. Pics

I love hugging Dakota's Butt!

I love mom's shoes!

How about FREE!

So if you want to save a buck I suggest going to the website Hip2Save.com! I follow this blog religiously along with some other blogs and you would not believe some of the deals you can get, the freebies and samples and giveaways. Sometimes it takes time but it is so worth it. Check out the FREE Stuff I got this week and last. YES FREE! I paid a little tax, but after adding everything up it was under $7.00, yes ONLY $7.00.

5 beach towels
2 monopoly games
2 monopoly card games
2 connect 4 games
1 Hungry Hungry Hippo game
1 Olay body wash
2 Olay facial moistrizers
3 Olay in shower body lotion
2 Almay mascara's
2 Covergirl Simply Ageless Foundations
2 33 count bandaids
10 Sobe Lifewaters
2 Easter Egg Dye Kits
1 Crayola Beginnings Paint
1 Crayola no cap markers
1 Crayola Dual ended crayons
3 Johnson Soap Buddies
1 Kids Toothpaste
1 Reeses Dark Peanut Butter Cup
4 King Size Starburst
4 King Size Skittles
1 2 pack softlips

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brooklyn's New Home

Okay so not really her new home, but we finally bought her a play house with a slide and a swing set, she loves it and I cant wait for the weather to get nicer so we can be out there all the time.

Our Trip to Orlando

Okay so we actually went to Orlando before Christmas, but whatever. We went with my mom and dad and we had a blast except for the weather being crappy. I am ready to go to Disneyland now only being a couple months later, I guess I will have to plan a trip to see Kandi, Carson and the girls, darn it ;)



This was for our Halloween Party that we went to :)